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We investigate a wide range of important positive and negative psychological outcomes for individuals, groups and organizations, including:

  • experiences of stigma, stress, and anxiety

  • feelings of discrimination and social exclusion

  • sense of belonging, life satisfaction, and sense of control

  • satisfaction with one’s identity, job, organization and group

  • mental health and well-being

  • acceptance of diversity, social attitudes, and trust

  • participation in society, social activism, cooperation and competition

  • leadership, organizational and social change

We aim to improve the psychological outcomes for members of different groups in a variety of contexts, including:

  • ethnic groups (e.g., racism towards Aboriginal people, Asian immigrants)

  • religious groups (e.g., prejudice against Jews or Muslims; responses to terrorism)

  • gender groups (e.g., transgender, non-binary, bi-gender; sexism; gender pay gap; women in male-dominated workplaces)

  • age-based groups (e.g., ageism; mature-aged students, older employees)

  • sexuality-based groups (e.g., gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual; the experience of homophobia, biphobia)

  • physical disabilities and mental illness

  • socioeconomic groups (e.g., lower social class people in Australian society)

  • organizational groups (e.g., employers and employees; work teams; senior and junior employees)